Next event at the hamlet is the...

MACE - Medieval and Combat event

This event is intended to be a great combat event, with all combat in 2023 run by Vanguard as well as volunteer marshals to include combat archery using LARP arrows. The types of combat is TBA but we can say it will include bridge battles, fort battles, Vanguard's version of murder road and several more scenarios.

However, despite the name it isn't just about combat, there will also be plenty of re-enactment activities available at this event.

We have a functional period style kiln that will be lit on Saturday night and will run most of the night. So if you are interested in traditional pottery this will be perfect for you as our site is on top of Australia's largest clay basin and there is tonnes of clay at your disposal.

There will be archery games and an archery tournament with prizes donated by MFC.

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